Rights Group Hits Out at Dual Checkpoint Plan For Hong Kong
Hong Kong's Legislative Council passed the proposals into law on June 13, creating a human rights black hole within the city's supposedly separate legal jurisdiction, the New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in a blog post on Sunday.
China Resumes Test of Nuclear Reactor on Southern Coast: Report
The U.S.$8.3 billion Taishan plant is among the first in the world to use European pressurized reactors (EPR) designed by French nuclear firm Areva, but has been plagued by delays and technical problems.Plant operator China General Nuclear (CGN) had previously postponed the opening of Taishan's Unit 1 from to 2017, but engineers said the plant still required a large amount of tests, and the earliest it could start was 2018.
Truckers on Strike and the Structural Contradictions of China’s Logistics Industry
One can guess that the strike leaders were controlled by the stability-maintenance authorities in their locality. But the effect again mirrored that of the canceled crane operators’ strike: upon hearing the call to action, truckers gathered and demonstrated on the days before the appointed time. They hailed from all over the country: Xiushui in Jiangxi province; Hefei, Fuyang; Wuhu in Anhui province; Lianyungang in Jiangsu province; Ningbo in Zhejiang province; Tongren in  Guizhou province; Jiading in Shanghai; Wuhan in Hubei; Liaocheng in Shandong; Chengdu in Sichuan; Chongqing; in addition to other cities and provinces.
Officials in China's Hunan Slammed Over High School Tuberculosis Outbreak
Authorities have confirmed 29 cases of TB involving students at secondary schools in Hunan's Taojiang county since last August, while 38 students were offered preventive treatment. The government's management of the epidemic has been strongly criticized by parents and commentators, and seven health and education officials in the county government have been fired for dereliction of duty in the ensuing probe.
Funeral of Chinese Activist Canceled Amid Doubts About Death
Zhang Liumao died while in custody at the Guangzhou No. 3 Detention Center on Nov. 4, 2015, with his family reporting that his body showed multiple signs of severe physical assault.Relatives and a lawyer who viewed Zhang's body said there were marks on it consistent with torture.
Concerns Grow Over Chinese Political, Media Influence Far Beyond Its Borders
In a letter to senior officials in President Donald Trump's administration, 12 U.S. senators called on Washington to come up with a strategic response to growing Chinese influence beyond its own borders.
Government Relies on Student Informants at China's Universities
Reports emerged last month that the Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture had issued an administrative demerit to one of its associate professors, Xu Chuanqing, after she made comments in class that the authorities deemed inappropriate.
China Formally Arrests Author Who Penned Article Criticizing President's Speech
Ye Qiming was detained in mid-April by state security police officers from Jiangxi's Jiujiang county on suspicion of "picking quarrels and stirring up trouble."He is currently being held in the police-run Jiujiang Detention Center.
Pan-Democrats Ejected From Hong Kong's Legislative Council Amid Checkpoint Debate
Democratic Party LegCo members Lam Cheuk-ting and Andrew Wan were removed initially, followed by Roy Kwong, who had stood on a desk to protest decision on a point of order raised by the pan-democratic camp, but who was ignored by LegCo president Andrew Leung. Pan-democrats Ted Hui and recently elected Democratic Party member Au Nok-hin were also removed as protests continued in the LegCo chamber.
Three Detained in China Over Poster Campaign on Massacre Anniversary
The clandestine notices took the form of pasted posters and spray-painted messages on walls and notice-boards in Jiangxi's Nanchang city and in Hunan province, according to social media posts.Photos of the posters showed various slogans, including a call to "Reappraise June 4, 1989, end the one-party dictatorship," and "Officials should make public their assets."
Hong Kong Court Jails Localist Politician Over Mong Kok Riots
The Mong Kok riots, dubbed the "fishball revolution" on social media, flared up after a dispute between police and unlicensed food vendors in the gritty working class district, which was also the scene of clashes during the 2014 Occupy Central pro-democracy movement.
China's Truck Drivers Stage Strike Over Rising Costs, Low Fees
The strike was called via social media, with an anonymous statement calling for the strike to begin on June 10, urging 30 million truckers across the country to refuse work."Have you heard of Yun Man Man? It's a logistics app, and recently they introduced a bidding system," one striking truck driver told RFA on Monday. "This means that they will definitely pick the cheapest bid."
Hong Kong Activist Edward Leung Given 6 Years for Police Clash
The judge in the trial, Anthea Pang, said that political causes were no justification for violence, and that the sentence would take into account only the degree of violence and the extent to which public peace had been disrupted, the Hong Kong broadcaster RTHK reported.
Wu Renhua:Key Questions About the June 4 Massacre
In fact, not only was there no counterrevolutionary rebellion in Beijing, there was no turmoil either. The official mouthpiece of the CCP’s Central Committee, People’s Daily, reported following the military crackdown: “Beijing residents are much more civilized; social order is excellent.” The newspaper also quoted a Beijing Public Security officer who said: “The number of criminal acts that occurred during the student movement was less than the same period last year.”
China Slaps Prominent Human Rights Lawyer With Effective Travel Ban
Human rights lawyer Wang Yu and husband Bao Longjun were both detained in a massive nationwide crackdown on rights lawyers and activists that began in July 2015.They have been prevented from sending money out of the country to finance their son's studies in Australia, and Wang had hoped to take him the money in person.
‘Love Is a Serious Crime, a Life Sentence’ – Liu Xia Audio on May 25, 2018
In January 2014, by which point Liu Xia had been cut off from the world for more than three years, I was finally able to reach her from Germany by telephone at her home in Beijing. As soon as I spoke her name, she began to sob, and she went on sobbing for 20 minutes. I didn’t know what to say. She hung up. I called back, it was the same — she’d almost become speechless.
Police in China's Shandong Detain 23 Petitioners, Cutting Short Their Vacation
The group, which included long-time petitioners Huang Yifang, Ding Juying, Wang Peiyun, Tang Xiazhen, Zhao Guojun, and Chen Yaqin, said they were simply on vacation at the time, and had no plans to petition in the coastal city of Qingdao, the summit's venue.But they were suddenly intercepted by large numbers of police officers and private security guards on the morning of June 7 in Shandong's Weihai city, they told RFA.
China Shuts Down Comedy Streaming Channel Over 'Insult' to War Hero
The powerful Cyberspace Administration called a meeting with top internet companies, after which social media platform Weibo and video sites including iQiyi and Youku said they had shuttered Rage Comic's account and deleted all content.
Communist Party’s Suppression of Lawyers Is a Preemptive Attack Against an Imaginary Threat
The reason I place these targeted lawyers under the term ‘unconventional’ is because the scope of targets in this round of assault is fairly broad: there are the human rights lawyers like Sui Muqing (隋穆青), Zhu Shengwu (祝圣武), Wen Donghai (文东海), Xie Yanyi (谢燕益), Li Chunfu (李春富), Huang Simin (黄思敏) and so on — the standard group on the receiving end of punishment from the government — and then there are those like Yang Jinzhu (杨金柱), who has experimented with his own performative lawyering, and been called an unorthodox lawyer in the ‘diehard’ school (死磕派)[1]; and finally the orthodox diehard lawyers like Zhou Ze (周泽) and Wang Xing (王兴).
Friends, Family of 'Suicide' Activist Under House Arrest in China's Hunan
Chen Yuhua, a rights activist who has campaigned for a transparent inquiry into Li's alleged "suicide" under police guard in hospital, said his home in Hunan's Shaoyang city was being watched by several state security police officers and local officials.
Chinese Visitors Could Soon 'Tap In' to Hong Kong Using WeChat
WeChat's parent company Tencent is currently looking at ways to make the current Exit-Entry Permit for Travel to and from Hong Kong and Macau into a digital pass system through a plugin within the app, local media reported.The aim is to streamline travel for Chinese passport-holders to the cities, which run separate immigration borders under the terms of their handover from the U.K. and Portugal in 1997 and 1999, respectively.
China Deletes Peppa Pig Videos, Citing Harmful Influence on Younger Generation
The move came as part of a drive to delete antisocial content from China's already tightly controlled internet, the Global Times newspaper, sister paper to party mouthpiece the People's Daily, reported.
Chinese Users Warned About Voice Activation Amid Facebook Privacy Probe
"Once hackers gain control of your mobile phone or smart home assistant, they can do whatever they want, and you will only notice a dramatic increase in data traffic," Cantonese service technology journalist Lee Kin-kwan said in response to recent questions from listeners in the region.Clues that someone else is using your device could include a sudden increase in power consumption or the device starting up suddenly and unexpectedly, Lee said.
Interview: 'I Still Have Flashbacks to That Night'
Back in 1989, when the students started pouring out of university campuses and onto the streets, heading for Tiananmen Square, there was plenty of information about what was happening in army newspapers, on television, and so on. More of the troops across the country were sympathetic to the students, and even hoped that they would work even harder to bring about a faster pace of change in China. But that situation was to change very quickly indeed.
China Detains 17 Protestant Christians Who Prayed For Tiananmen Massacre Victims
Members of the Qiuyu, or Early Rain, Protestant church in Sichuan's provincial capital Chengdu were detained after they showed up for a prayer meeting titled "Praying for Our Country on June 4," church members told RFA.Police from Chengdu's Caoshijie police station in Qingyang district and local officials from the religious affairs bureau burst in on the gathering in a residential building in the district at around 3 p.m. on Monday.
China Fires, Probes Top Newspaper Chief Who 'Opposed Censorship'
Zhang Wei, the former party secretary at the newspaper, was found after a recent internal investigation to have "violated political discipline" and lied to the provincial party committee, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) said in a statement. "He opposed censorship and illegally kept secret party work documents in his possession," the CCDI said. "He also violated discipline in his personal life, carrying on a long-term, inappropriate relationship with another person while he was still married."
Former Student Leader Wang Dan Seeks Funding For China Democracy Think-Tank
Wang Dan, a prominent veteran of the 1989 protests, called the think-tank focusing on a democratic transition for China as "the second major battle of my life," after his role in the Tiananmen Square protests, which were styled a "counterrevolutionary rebellion" by the ruling Chinese Communist Party.
Hong Kong Marks Tiananmen Crackdown, as China Ignores Event
The protesters marking the Tiananmen anniversary in Hong Kong have seen their numbers dwindle in the years since the Occupy Central pro-democracy movement gripped Hong Kong in 2014. Organizers said as many as 180,000 people showed up to that year’s June 4 vigil — the police estimated the number to be roughly half that — but last year they estimated 110,000 people attended.
Tankman2018: hero of Tiananmen protest remembered across globe
Better known as “Tank Man”, he is one of the most enduring images of China’s violent military crackdown on democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square, known in China as liusi, or June 4th.On the 29th anniversary of the Tiananmen crackdown, protesters are reenacting the face-off under hashtags including #Tankman2018 #Tankmen2018, a campaign started by Chinese artist and cartoonist, Badiucao.
Calls for China to Face Ghosts of its Past on Tiananmen Anniversary
In a bold statement from Washington to mark the 29th anniversary of a bloody crackdown that left hundreds — some say thousands — dead, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on Chinese authorities to release “those who have been jailed for striving to keep the memory of Tiananmen Square alive; and to end the continued harassment of demonstration participants and their families.”