Who Is Chinese Professor Wenguang Sun?
On Wednesday, Chinese police broke into the home of the retired Shandong University professor, who is critical of China's human rights record, as he was expressing via a telephone interview his opinions on the Voice of America (VOA) Mandarin television show, Issues & Opinions.
China Moves Ahead With Subversion Trial of Rights Lawyer in Jiangsu
Yu, who is being held incommunicado by authorities in Jiangsu's Xuzhou city, was formally arrested for "incitement to subvert state power"and "obstruction of officials in the course of their duty" in April.He was indicted last month, but neither his lawyers nor his wife, Xu Yan, were informed about the move.
Chinese Activists Set up Party That Wants Independence — For Shanghai
The founders of the Shanghai National Party, many of whom live in New York state, say they want to campaign for "independence and autonomy" for the city, which currently takes its orders direct from central government in Beijing.
Top Chinese Buddhist Monk Resigns From National Body Amid #MeToo Scandal
Shi Xuecheng, abbot of Beijing's Longquan Temple, tendered his resignation during a meeting of the association, which is backed by the ruling Chinese Communist Party, just days after the authorities launched an investigation into the allegations.
Retired Professor, Wife, Home From Detention in China's Shandong
Sun Wenguang, 84, who has repeatedly criticized the ruling Chinese Communist Party and President Xi Jinping, was taken away by police who burst into his home and interrupted a live interview with Voice of America (VOA) TV on Aug. 2.
Fears Grow For Detained Chinese Activist 'Cut Off From Supply of Medicine'
Ge Jueping was among a group of at least nine rights activists detained in Jiangsu's Suzhou city since 2016, when China played host to the G20 leadership summit in Hangzhou.
VOA Reporters Freed After Hours-long Detention by Chinese Authorities
Correspondent Yibing Feng and VOA contractor Allen Ai were taken into custody in Jinan, Shandong province after talking to professor Sun Wenguang, 84, through the closed door of his apartment. Sun told Feng details of his detention and thanked VOA for allowing him to express his freedom of speech on the air.
Hong Kong Government Slams Foreign Press Club Over Pro-Independence Leader's Speech
Chan Ho-tin, also known as Andy Chan, who heads the pro-independence Hong Kong National Party (HKNP), gave his lunchtime address to the club in spite of warnings and threats from Hong Kong officials, and amid calls for the government to evict the club from its premises in the downtown Central district.
Chinese Activist Who Wrote 'Down With The Communist Party' in Toilet Disappears
Ji Xiaolong had called on rights activists and democracy campaigners to respond to Chinese president Xi Jinping's call for a "toilet revolution" by penning political slogans on the walls that could be seen by thousands.
Maoist Labor Campaigner 'Kidnapped,' Believed Detained, in China's Guangdong
Shen Mengyu, a former employee of the Jasic Technology factory in Guangdong's Shenzhen city, was taken away by the authorities after she led a campaign for a union to negotiate collectively on behalf of some 1,000 Jasic workers.
Hong Kong government tries to make an example of a small opposition party
“What we want to say is this: We are not China,” said Andy Chan, the founder of the party. “We are Hong Kong. We are advocating for Hong Kong nationalism, and in doing this, we may make [the Hong Kong and Chinese governments] feel uneasy.”
Thousands Gather in China to Protest Plan to Destroy Mosque
The protest comes as faith groups that were largely tolerated in the past have seen their freedoms shrink as the government seeks to “Sinicize” religions by making the faithful prioritize allegiance to the officially atheist ruling Communist Party. Islamic crescents and domes have been stripped from mosques, Christian churches have been shut down and Bibles seized, and Tibetan children have been moved from Buddhist temples to schools.
Police Swoop on Activists As China's Leaders Gather at Beidaihe Resort
Police in the seaside resort of Beidaihe, where the party is discussing affairs of state behind closed doors, have detained and sent home petitioners and rights activists from as far afield as the southeastern province of Fujian and the northeastern province of Liaoning.
China Moves Ahead With Trial of Detained, Ailing Defense Lawyer
Li's case, in which she stands accused of "picking quarrels and stirring up trouble," was recently passed to the state prosecutor, paving the way for a trial. Li was visited by her defense attorney in the Shenyang No. 1 Detention Center on Tuesday, her son Ma Wenting, who now lives in Germany, told RFA.
China Orders German Student Who Filmed Work of Rights Lawyers to Leave
David Missal, a postgraduate student of journalism at Beijing's prestigious Tsinghua University, was approaching the second year of a two-year scholarship run by a German academic exchange body, the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst.
Police in China's Guangdong Shut Down Factory of Liu Xiaobo Supporter
Wei Xiaobing of Guangdong's Huizhou city received a visit from local police officers on Thursday at his 200-square-meter garments factory in Yuanzhou township.The factory, which employed around 10 people, and was Wei's main source of income, was forced to halt production on the grounds of fire safety, Wei told RFA.
Beijing Artist Under House Arrest in Remote Corner of China's Yunnan
Beijing-based artist Hua Yong was detained for questioning after the protest in Shanghai by Dong Yaoqiong, after which she was incarcerated in the Zhuzhou No. 3 Hospital, a psychiatric unit in the central province of Hunan.Though later released from police detention, he is now being held under residential surveillance and is unable to contact anyone, a friend of Hua's who gave only his surname Guo told RFA.
US Must Adopt Comprehensive Strategy to Defend Interests in Asia-Pacific: Report
Southeast Asia holds geopolitical importance on account of the sea lanes that pass through it, its proximity to China and India, and the resources which it contains — all of which have driven developments in and competition over the region for hundreds of years, says the report by the Washington, D.C.-based American Enterprise Institute (AEI), which conducts public policy research.
Fresh Vaccine Scandal Surfaces in Northern Chinese Provinces
Parents posted complaints that children were given expired vaccines at the Shangluo municipal center for disease control and prevention (CDC), the Shangluo Maternal and Child Health Hospita,l and the Shangzhou district CDC.
In China, Parents of Vaccine-Sickened Children Call For Answers
Henan-based parent activist He Fangmei, known by her online nickname Shisanmei, has become a vocal advocate for such families, playing a prominent role in an ongoing campaign for recognition that their children were let down badly by the state, and for appropriate compensation.
China Tries Veteran Rights Activist For Subversion, Detains Supporters
Liu Feiyue, 48, who founded the rights website Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch, stood trial at Hubei's Suizhou Intermediate People's Court on Tuesday on charges of "incitement to subvert state power."Security was tight outside the courtroom, with a strong police presence on the streets outside the court building, Liu's supporters said.
A Generation Grows Up in China Without Google, Facebook or Twitter
A generation of Chinese is coming of age with an internet that is distinctively different from the rest of the web. Over the past decade, China has blocked Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as thousands of other foreign websites, including The New York Times and Chinese Wikipedia. A plethora of Chinese websites emerged to serve the same functions — though they came with a heavy dose of censorship.
Demolition Teams Raze Studio of Outspoken Chinese Artist in Beijing
"Farewell," Ai wrote in an Instagram post, before posted photos of the mechanical digger starting to demolish the walls. "Today, they started to demolish my studio Zuoyou in Beijing with no precaution, which I have had as my main studio since 2006."
China's Bid to Muzzle Pro-Independence Leader Sparks Anger in Hong Kong
Beijing’s Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong issued a statement on Friday night condemning plans to have Hong Kong National Party leader Chan Ho-tin, also known as Andy Chan, address the city's Foreign Correspondents' Club.
Xu Zhangrun’s China: ‘Licking Carbuncles and Sucking Abscesses’
The text, deploying all the rhetorical potency of literary Chinese — even in its length, the ‘Ten Thousand Word Petition’ having a specific valence in Chinese political history — has captured the zeitgeist of revolt against the China that Party leader Xi Jinping is busy constructing. Since being republished on the website of the Hong Kong-based Initium Media, the article has been widely shared and reflected upon by intellectuals and scholars inside and outside the country.
Chinese Police Hold Outspoken Professor in Hill Resort After VOA Interview
Former Shandong University lecturer Sun Wenguang, 84, was taken away by police who burst into his home and interrupted a live interview with Voice of America (VOA) TV on Thursday.As he began to answer a question about President Xi's overseas investment strategy, Sun was forced to break off as the police officers arrived at his home.
China Launches 'Patriotic Struggle' Campaign Targeting Intellectuals
The campaign is based on remarks by President Xi Jinping on "carrying forward the spirit of patriotic struggle," state news agency Xinhua reported, citing a joint statement from the party's organization and propaganda departments.
Interview: 'I Felt That Sense of Threat Very Keenly'
My guess is that they passed on all of my details and the photos to the Chinese embassy.  The clearest indication of this was that about 10 minutes before I was due to leave for the airport with my ticket for July 23 and my humanitarian visa issued by the United States, I saw a Chinese "inmate" spot me, and immediately make a phone call. I think he was calling the Chinese embassy.
Google, Seeking a Return to China, Is Said to Be Building a Censored Search Engine
Google has teams of engineers working on a search app that restricts content banned by Beijing, said the people, who asked for anonymity because they were not permitted to speak publicly about the project. The company has demonstrated the service to Chinese government officials, they added.
Chinese Police Detain Father of Ink-Splash Woman Held in Mental Hospital
Dong Yaoqiong was sent for "compulsory treatment" after she streamed live video of herself splashing ink on a poster of President Xi in protest at "authoritarian tyranny" on July 4.She is being held as a psychiatric patient in a women's ward in Hunan's Zhuzhou No. 3 Hospital, where her father, Dong Jianbiao, was detained when he tried to visit her on Wednesday.