Pompeo to VOA: China on Wrong Side of Religious Freedom
Well the State Department made a decision at the end of last year to make the important statement about ethnic cleansing and we know that there is a religious connection there. It is incredibly important to be careful of the language that we use, so we will continue to review it but as you well know, the State Department considers religious freedom at the center of its activity, we make that a priority in all of the work that we do and in places in Asia, that is absolutely no exception.
Plan to Ban Separatist Party 'Ends Freedom of Speech' in Hong Kong
Assistant police commissioner Rebecca Lam said in a letter to the government's security chief John Lee that was posted to social media by Chan late on Wednesday that the party's aims of building a republic of Hong Kong and abolishing its mini-constitution, the Basic Law, are in violation of its first principle; that Hong Kong is an administrative region of the People's Republic of China.
Beijing Residents Fight Back Over Renewed Forced Evictions, Demolitions
One man was detained as residents blockaded a garment factory in Daxing's Xidatun village, sparking a fierce dispute and physical confrontation with officials and law enforcement, eyewitnesses told RFA.
Chinese Rights Lawyer 'Nervous, Forced to Take Medication' in Detention
Just days after Li was told by a lawyer that Wang was looking well, she was informed by Liu that her husband had been force-fed an unknown medication while in police detention. Liu had just visited Wang, and has been engaged as his attorney, she said.
China Detains Guangdong Artist Who Planned Ink-Splash Installation
He earlier announced via the WeChat social media platform that he would be carrying out an "ink-splashing installation," in a reference to a protest earlier this month in Shanghai in which a woman splashed a poster of President Xi with black ink, but was apparently detained before he could do so.
China Probes Fresh Vaccine Scandal After Revoking Company License
The company issued an urgent recall order to distribution teams and end users across China, ordering them to "immediately cease" use of the vaccine and to store any remaining vaccines in sealed locations.
Shuttering of Liberal Chinese Think-Tank Part of 'Long-Term Plan'
Five members of staff at the Unirule Institute of Economics founded by liberal economist Mao Yushi were shut into their offices last week after unidentified men welded the front door shut, ostensibly at the request of the property owner.
Hong Kong's Proposed Ban on Separatist Political Party Sparks Outcry
The law states that the police may recommend such a course of action if they believe the move is "necessary in the interests of national security or public safety, public order or the protection of the rights and freedoms of others," the Hong Kong government said in a statement on its website on Tuesday.
China Holds Father, Supporters of Woman Detained For Inking President's Image
Dong Yaoqiong, who hails from the central province of Hunan and used the Twitter handle @feefeefly, streamed the live video of herself splashing ink on the ruling Chinese Communist Party propaganda poster in protest at "authoritarian tyranny."
Journalist, Family, Assistants Under Probe by China's New Supervisory Agency
Chen Jieren was taken away from his home in Hunan’s Shaoyang city on July 6, and has been incommunicado since.However, media sources told RFA that Chen and six other people are being held under "residential surveillance at a designated location."
Detained Chinese Rights Lawyer Wang Quanzhang 'Appears Well,' Wife Told
Wang's wife Li Wenzu received a message from a friend on Friday reporting that her husband in "in a good state, both physically and mentally," she said."Someone told me that [another lawyer] had seen Wang Quanzhang, and that they were able to confirm that he is alive, and in reasonable mental and physical health," Li told RFA.
Liu Xia Stays Home 'to Protect Brother' on Anniversary of Husband's Death
Liu Xia, widow of late Nobel peace laureate and prisoner of conscience Liu Xiaobo, won't be attending any public memorials for her husband in Germany, possibly out of fear for her brother who remains in China, fellow activists told RFA.
Millions Hit by Severe Flooding in China's Sichuan, Gansu Provinces
Thousands of travelers were left stranded after landslides and floods blocked major highways and the severe weather affected flights at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, where 34 flights were delayed and seven canceled on Thursday.
In Beijing, Doors Shut on a Bastion of Independent Ideas
Unirule was founded 25 years ago to promote liberalizing China’s economy and democratizing its government. Those ideas have become officially unwelcome under Xi Jinping, the Communist Party leader who has driven China to re-embrace staunchly socialist values, and the group has come under increased government pressure.
How Germany Won Freedom for the Widow of China’s Most Famous Dissident
For the past year, China’s formidable security apparatus had guarded, watched and controlled the movements of Liu Xia, 57, widow of China’s most famous dissident, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo, who died of cancer last July under police guard.
Beijing to Probe Law Firm Founded by Top Human Rights Attorney
The Ruiqi law firm, founded by rights lawyer Lin Qilei, is under investigation by judicial officials, according to a directive sent to the firm by Beijing's Chaoyang district judicial affairs bureau.
China Clamps Down on Dissidents, Activists Ahead of Liu Xiaobo Anniversary
Beijing-based rights activist Hu Jia said he is being forced to leave town ahead of Friday's anniversary marking Liu's death of late-stage liver cancer while serving a 13-year prison sentence for subversion.
China Jails Veteran Activist For 13 Years For 'Subversion'
Qin, 65, was sentenced to 13 years' imprisonment by the Wuhan Intermediate People's Court, which convicted him of "incitement to subvert state power."Calls to both of Qin's defense attorneys rang unanswered following the announcement.
Chinese Democracy Activist Denied Political Asylum, Detained in France
Guan Guilin landed in Paris last Thursday, before making himself known to immigration guards as an asylum-seeker, but his application was subsequently refused. Guan was denied permission to clear immigration, and is currently being held in an immigration detention center at Charles De Gaulle airport pending his appeal to an immigration court.
Liu Xia Arrives in Germany After Eight Years of House Arrest
"Liu Xia ... left Beijing at noon on a Finnair flight from Beijing to Berlin," veteran political journalist Gao Yu said via Twitter on Tuesday."Sources say that this is the result of Li Keqiang's acquiescing in person to a request by the German chancellor Angela Merkel during his visit to Germany," Gao wrote.
China Fails in its Gambit to Use the UN NGO Committee to Silence the Society for Threatened Peoples and Uyghur Activist Dolkun Isa
Having achieved only limited success in preventing Mr. Isa’s participation in the 2018 Permanent Forum –– although China caused a substantial delay, Mr. Isa eventually did gain access to the UN–– China adopted a new tactic, which, had it been successful, would have had long-term consequences for both STP and Mr. Isa. Late in the day on Friday, May 17–– the last working day before the opening meeting of the 2018 second (“resumed”) session of the NGO Committee, the Chinese Permanent Mission circulated a note verbale (i.e., an unsigned diplomatic correspondence) to the Members of the Committee, setting forth its reasons for seeking the withdrawal of STP’s consultative status. Besides a groundless procedural point regarding the accreditation of Mr. Isa, China’s objections to STP’s consultative status can be summed up by this sweeping unsubstantiated accusation in its letter: “Dolkun Isa has been participating, inciting and funding separatism and terrorism for years.”
709 Crackdown Three Years on: Keynote Address on the Second China Human Rights Lawyers’ Day, July 8, 2018, New York City
They all had hope that signs of deepening repression in the near future would be temporary. They all looked in the far future to a new New China which respected human rights, protected basic legal freedoms, allowed for an open political society and the rule of law.
Statement on the 3rd Anniversary of the 709 Crackdown:The Virtue of Pines and Cypress Is To Be Known Only In Wintry Cold
Around the time of the Crackdown, eminent rights defenders in China were besieged one after the other with the authorities’ attack on the civil society and the rights defence movement soon to reach its pinnacle. And yet, rights defenders have strived to unremittingly create the human rights signposts with their will power and beliefs.
Three Years After China's Lawyer Crackdown, Rights Groups Call For Sanctions
More than 300 lawyers, law firm employees and activists were detained and questioned in the crackdown. While many were released from immediate detention, some lost their license to practice, while others found themselves and loved ones subjected to round-the-clock police surveillance and travel bans.
Officials in China's Anhui Target Xi Jinping Critic For 'Psychiatric Treatment'
Lu Qianrong was visited in his home in Linshui township, Huoqiu county by a group of officials from the local government, as well as higher-ranking officials from nearby Changzhou city, he told RFA on Monday.
‘No New Flowers of Thought Are Blooming’
 We've done our bit, and made our sacrifices for our country. That's already pretty good going. It would be great if today's young people could also do something for their country, apart from just judging and criticizing the previous generation. I would be content with that. And I hope that you'll do a better job that we did, next time around. There's not much point in evaluating our performance all the time. Wouldn't it be more realistic to think of what you could be doing?
709 Crackdown Three Years on: A Tribute to Wang Quanzhang
He graduated from Shandong University in 2000 with a law degree. While still in college in 1999, the brutal, nationwide suppression against Falun Gong began, and he provided legal assistance to Falun Gong practitioners. That makes him one of the earliest defenders of Falun Gong. As a result, he was threatened and his home was raided by police.
China Wants to List Mao Zedong Mausoleum as World Heritage Site
The government will apply to have 14 structures listed on the organization’s register of World Heritage sites including the Stalinist-style building that houses the remains of the late Chairman, the Beijing News reported.
709 Crackdown Three Years on: Mother and Lawyer Reveals Brutality Against Her Teenage Son for the First Time
Wang recounted her experience in secret detention in the early months of 709 Crackdown, and her forced TV denunciation of the American Bar Association’s inaugural Human Rights Award. Growing up and attending high school in Beijing, Wang Yu’s son Bao Zhuoxuan, 15 years old in July 2015, was briefly detained and then uprooted from home and school and taken to Inner Mongolia to live with his maternal grandparents. In October 2015, a few friends of Wang Yu inside and outside China devised a plan to help the young man by bringing him out of China secretly. It failed; Bao Zhuoxuan and the two adults accompanying him were captured near the Burmese border and brought back. After being held for two and half years, Bao Zhuoxuan was finally allowed to leave China early this year to study in Australia. While he has not spoken about his experiences, his mother Wang Yu spoke out for the first time in a recent interview with The Epoch Times. The following excerpts were translated by China Change and edited for clarity. 
China Holds Journalist Who Wrote Articles Criticizing Hunan Officials
Chen Jieren was taken away from his home in Hunan’s Shaoyang city on Thursday. Calls to his cell phone rang unanswered on Friday.A fellow journalist who asked to remain anonymous told RFA that Chen is being investigated for fraud and running an illegal business.