China specialists who long supported engagement are now warning of Beijing’s efforts to influence American society
A distinguished group of China specialists who have long championed engagement with Beijing are now advocating the United States take a more skeptical view of what they see as growing Chinese efforts to undermine democratic values, including free-speech rights, both here and abroad.
BETRAYING BIG BROTHER The Feminist Awakening in China
More likely, I fear that this new feminist movement will be stamped out like so many promising movements before, including the early online activism that brought stories like Deng Yujiao’s to life. I learned about Deng while researching a book idea about how Internet activism had emerged as a serious threat to Communist Party rule in China — or so I thought. The Internet revolution that I believed I was witnessing was quickly crushed after Xi came to power and launched an unrelenting crackdown on the online space. That “revolution” was snuffed out, just like every other popular uprising over the past 30 years.
If feminist activism is any more lasting, it will defy the odds, and history.
South China Sea Code of Conduct Gains Momentum as China Moves to Complete Militarization
As China moves to complete the creation of military outposts in the South China Sea, Beijing’s negotiation with southeastern Asian nations over a binding code of conduct is gaining momentum.
China’s Media Crackdown Spreads to Hong Kong
Beijing expels Victor Mallet of The Financial Times in a move intended to freeze out independent voices.
China finally admits it is building a new archipelago of concentration camps. Will the world respond?
China Uighurs: Xinjiang legalises 're-education' camps
China's western Xinjiang region has written "vocational training centres" for Muslim Uighurs into law amid growing international concern over large-scale disappearances there.
Activist Joshua Wong Banned From Travel, Four Years After Democracy Movement Began
Wong, who had begun serving a six-month jail term for his part in the storming of police barriers outside government headquarters on Sept. 26, 2014, at the start of the Occupy Central democracy movement, was acquitted alongside fellow defendants Nathan Law and Alex Chow by Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeal in February.
Officials Ban Private Funeral Parties in China's Zhejiang
From Oct. 1, private wakes, which can involve days of chanting monks, the wailing of professional mourners, singers and even strippers, will be banned in certain areas of Zhejiang's Wenzhou city.
Liu Xia 'Under Pressure' During First Public Appearance Since Her Exile
Liu appeared on Wednesday evening at an award ceremony and panel discussion in New York, where Germany-based Chinese writer and close friend Liao Yiwu received an award from the Vaclav Havel Foundation.
Chinese Court Hands Suspended Death Sentence to Evictee Who Killed Official
Police from nearby Ganzhou city detained Ming Jingguo after he was accused of bludgeoning local People’s Congress representative Zhuo Yu to death with a shovel on March 17, 2017 at a village in the city's Nankang district.
Ex-Google Employee Urges Lawmakers to Take On Company
In a harshly worded letter sent this week, the former employee, Jack Poulson, criticized Google’s handling of a project to build a version of its search engine that would be acceptable to the government of China. He said the project was a “catastrophic failure of the internal privacy review process.”
Taiwan Moves Ahead With Crackdown on Illegal Funds From Mainland China
The democratic island's cabinet approved the plan to raise the maximum fine for unauthorized Chinese investments to more than U.S.$800,000, its Central News Agency reported.
Taiwan Begins Demolition of Communist Party Shrine at Buddhist Temple
Temple owner Wei Ming-jen was arrested for obstructing police after he tried to resist the demolition, throwing a punch at a county official who led workers to cut off power and water to last of the buildings.
China Makes Teachers, Medical Professionals Pledge Not to Follow Any Religion
The move is linked to a recent visit to Wenzhou city, whose numerous Christian churches have earned it the nickname "China's Jerusalem," by investigators from central government in Beijing, a Zhejiang-based Christian said.
Hong Kong Party Ban Sparks Protests, Warnings of Rights Violations
Hong Kong on Monday formally banned the Hong Kong National Party (HKNP), which boasted only around a dozen members, in a move strongly criticized by rights groups and pro-democracy politicians for curbing freedom of speech in the former British colony.
Shrine to China's Communist Party in Ancient Temple Sparks Ire in Taiwan
In a highly controversial development that many on Taiwan regard as an attempt at subversion and infiltration, the Biyun Temple in Taiwan's Changhua county has been reinvented as a "a base for the patriotic education and socialist identity of Taiwan," according to recent media reports.
Hong Kong Bans Pro-Independence Political Party, Sparking Outcry
Using colonial-era legislation once used to target "triad" criminal gangs in the city, Hong Kong's secretary for security John Lee announced the move in a formal notice via the government's legislative gazette.
China's Christians Have 'Mixed Feelings' About Vatican Agreement on Bishops
The controversial deal eliminates the division between bishops and churches recognized by the government-backed Catholic Patriotic Association and those appointed by Rome, which will likely result in an expansion of the Catholic Church in China.
Tensions Rise Between China And Taiwan Over Residence Permits, 'Spies'
Beijing announced last month that residents of former colonies Hong Kong and Macau, as well as Taiwan, which has never been ruled by Beijing, will now be eligible for permanent residency and a smart ID card like those issued to citizens of mainland China.
Chinese Dissident Couple Granted Bail But to Face Trial in Thailand
Wu Yuhua, who is also known by her nickname Ai Wu, was detained by police in Bangkok with her husband Yang Chong on Aug. 29 and locked up in an immigration detention center.They had lodged a bail application last week in a bid to stall attempts to repatriate them to China, where they fear political reprisals at the hands of the ruling Chinese Communist Party.
China Mulls Purge of Foreign Content From Media, School Textbooks
The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) issued a "consultation" paper on Thursday that proposed forbidding radio and television broadcasters from airing any foreign news content, as well as from transmitting audio-visual programs made overseas during prime time in the evening.The paper called for "opinions" on the proposed rule changes.
U.S. Orders Chinese State News Outlets to Register as Foreign Agents
The U.S. Justice Department had demanded that China's official Xinhua News Agency and state-owned international broadcaster CGTN register as foreign agents, which could limit their access in Washington, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal and by Bloomberg news agency.
China Detains, 'Disappears' Parents of Faulty Vaccine Victims
Dong Junhua, the parent of a child affected by substandard vaccines from Dancheng county in the central province of Henan, is being held under criminal detention on suspicion of "picking quarrels and stirring up trouble," his wife said in a recent interview.
Wife of Chinese Cartoonist Calls For Pressure on Beijing, Alleges Torture
In an open letter, Chu hit out at the Chinese government for pursuing her husband out of political revenge for satirical cartoons about President Xi Jinping, one of which depicted Xi as an emperor with a bird in a cage, clad in silk embossed with the Communist Party's hammer and sickle, and ignoring sick and impoverished workers and farmers standing before him.
Editor Wanted by Police From China's Jiangxi Over 'Coffin-Snatching' Video
Many elderly people in rural China purchase their coffins in preparation for their own funerals in accordance with traditional preferences for burial in or near one's ancestral home, and officials in some parts of the country have been forcibly removing them from people's homes in a bid to encourage them to use cremation instead, sparking online outrage in recent weeks.
‘Suffering and Hardship Belong to Me’: A Voice From a Chinese Prison
Mr. Xu described his imprisonment, part of a broader crackdown on Chinese civil society under President Xi Jinping, in an essay translated and published this week on the website China Change. In recent years, hundreds of rights activists and lawyers have been imprisoned or disappeared. Many have retreated into silence or fled overseas. But a few, including Mr. Xu, who was released in mid-2017, are still speaking out.
China's Embattled Human Rights Lawyers Set up Legal Consultancy
A group of former rights attorneys who have lost their "business license" at the hands of local justice departments, and may no longer represent clients in court, have formed a company called the China Lawyers' Club in the southwestern region of Guangxi, RFA has learned.
Ailing Chinese Democracy Activist Probed For 'Subversion' Over Art Auction
Zhu Yufu was released from the Zhejiang No. 4 Prison in March, where he had reported retaliatory treatment, including the cancellation of his meals, after his relatives traveled to the United States to campaign for his release.
Thai Court Rules Police Can Hold Chinese Dissident Couple For 12 More Days
Wu Yuhua, who is also known by her nickname Ai Wu, was detained by police in Bangkok with her husband Yang Chong on Aug. 29 and locked up in an immigration detention center. They had lodged a bail application last week in a bid to stall attempts to repatriate them to China, where they fear political reprisals at the hands of the ruling Chinese Communist Party.
China, Vatican 'May Sign Deal' on Chinese Catholics, Bishops: Taiwan
A report in the Wall Street Journal on Friday cited two people close to negotiations as saying that a deal was very close.In Taipei, Taiwan foreign affairs spokesman Li Hsien-chang said the democratic island's officials had a similar understanding of the situation.