【 NPR 】   Post Date: 4/17/2012
According to Dalai Lama, Beijing's Oppression of Tibetans Stems from Fear
Author: Mark Emmot
The Buddhist spiritual leader says that China worries what would happen if they gave the Tibetan people more freedom.  He goes on to call the recent string of Tibetan self-immolations sad, but goes on to state that they are the result of decades of oppression by the Chinese government.
China's leaders continue to impose oppressive policies on the people of Tibet out of fear, the Dalai Lama said earlier today onMorning Edition.
They fear what might happen if Tibetans were allowed to live freely and others under Chinese rule started to demand more respect for their rights. That has meant, he said, that "they ignore ... reality and they impose their rules. ... That's the problem."
"The sad events" of the past year — the self-immolations of about 30 Tibetans in protest of China's rule — are the result of "several decades" worth of such oppression, he added.
Still, the Buddhist spiritual leader says he remains optimistic. Eventually, he told NPR's Renee Montagne, things will change for the better. He gets some hope from Chinese leaders' comments in recent years about the need for political reform in China.
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