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Tibetan Woman Self-Immolates to Protest Land Seizure
Author: AP Report
The rights group Free Tibet says that Dekyi Choezom was protesting being evicted due to government land grabs.  Her family, along with 70 other families, were pushed off to make room for new government offices in Qinghai province.
An overseas rights group says a Tibetan woman was hospitalized after setting herself on fire during a land rights protest in western China.
London-based Free Tibet says Dekyi Choezom, believed to be around 40 years old, set herself on fire June 27 in Yushu, a city in Qinghai province that was badly damaged by an earthquake in 2010. The group said in an emailed statement Tuesday that she was among a group of 70 families protesting being evicted from land seized to make way for new government offices.
The case adds to about three dozen self-immolations over the past year in ethnic Tibetan areas of China in protest of what activists say is Beijing's heavy-handed rule in the region. The government has confirmed some but not all of them. 
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