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Two More Self-immolations in Tibetan Areas
Author: Edward Wong

In a Tibetan area of China, 26 year old Dolkar Kyi set herself on fire at a monastery.  On Monday a Tibetan monk also self-immolated, bringing the total to nearly 50 the number of this type of suicide protesting Chinese rule since 2009.

BEIJING — A Tibetan woman, Dolkar Kyi, 26, killed herself through self-immolation at a monastery on Tuesday afternoon in a Tibetan area of China, according to Free Tibet, an advocacy group based in London.
The group said it had received two photographs of the body, which lay at Tso Monastery in the area that Tibetans call Kanlho Prefecture and that the Chinese call Gannan Prefecture, in Gansu Province.
Nearly 50 Tibetans have set fire to themselves since 2009 in what appear to be protests against Chinese rule.
On Monday, a Tibetan monk from Kirti Monastery self-immolated in the town of Ngaba, according to reports by Free Tibet and Radio Free Asia, which is financed by the United States government.
The condition of the monk was not known on Tuesday, but he appeared to be alive and badly burned when he was taken away by security forces after the self-immolation, the reports said.
Radio Free Asia gave his name as Lobsang Trinlay, while Free Tibet identified him as Lobsang Tsultrim, 21.
Many self-immolations have taken place in Ngaba, called Aba in Chinese, where there is a market street now known as “Martyrs Road” because of the number of self-immolations that have taken place there. That is where people say the monk set fire to himself.
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