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Chinese court upholds $2.4 million fine against Ai Weiwei
A Chinese court ruled that artist and dissident Ai Weiwei will have to pay a $2.4 million tax evasion fine. Many view the fine as a way of silencing Ai's criticisms of the government.
By Reuters / September 26, 2012
A Chinese court upheld a $2.4 million tax evasion fine against China's most famous dissident Ai Weiwei on Thursday, in a case that has badly tarnished the country's already poor human rights reputation.
"It's an extremely shameless court," Ai, whose 81-day detention last year sparked an international outcry, told reporters.
"It didn't respect the facts or give us a chance to defend ourselves; it has no regard for taxpayers' rights," he said, adding he did not know whether now he had to pay to entire fine though he suspected he did.
Ai, 55, had asked the Chaoyang District Court to overturn the city tax office's rejection of his appeal against the 15 million yuan ($2.38 million) tax evasion penalty imposed on the company he works for, Beijing Fake Cultural Development Ltd, which produces his art and designs.
"From the Fake tax case (we) can see that there's no fair justice in China," Ai added.
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