Tibet Human Rights
Tibet Human Rights
Tibet is a plateau region in Asia, north-east of the Himalayas. It is the traditional homeland of the Tibetan people as well as some other ethnic groups such as Monpas, Qiang, and Lhobas, and is now also inhabited by considerable numbers of Han and Hui people.
China Puts Accused Tibetan Separatists on Display

Undated photos released by Free Tibet show monks with placards detailing their alleged crimes hanging from their necks, arms apparently bound behind their back.  The photos were taken in the ethnic Tibetan prefectures of Kardze (Ch: Ganzi) and Ngaba (Ch: Aba) in Sichuan province.

Chinese, Uyghur & Tibetan Solidarity UK Press Release

Chinese, Uyghur & Tibetan Solidarity UK calls for human rights, democracy and freedom for all those living under Chinese Communist Party rule.

US Concern Over Tibetan Self-Immolations Draws Warning from Beijing
The US State Department has said that it is “seriously concerned” as an increasing number of Tibetans protest restrictions on civil liberties and religious freedom by setting themselves on fire.  China, in turn, has warned the US not to meddle in its internal affairs on the pretext of “religious affairs” and that Tibetans enjoy religious freedom.  A wave of protests after the self-immolation of a young monk back in March has led to a major crackdown in which hundreds of monks and nuns have been arrested and disappeared.
Another Tibetan Shot Dead by China Police
The US-based International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) and India-based TCHRD said the Chinese police shot dead another Tibetan protester in the restive Sichuan province, rights groups said Friday, bringing to at least three the number killed in deadly clashes this week.
Chinese Crackdown on Tibetan Region Nears Breaking Point
The escalating violence indicates that China's key ethnic problem just won't go away, however much firepower and funding the Chinese government dispatches to Tibetan areas.
Communist Official in Tibet Orders Increased Security
The top Communist Party official in the Lhasa, the Tibetan capital, has urged security personnel to step up surveillance of monasteries and along pivotal roads through the region during what he warned would be a period of heightened social turbulence.
Exiled Tibetan Officials Warn of Further Protests With Increased Chinese Violence
While Beijing blames the government-in-exile and U.S. officials of overplaying recent violence in Tibetan regions of China, the exiled officials in Dharamsala, India, say that further violence will only lead to heightened protests.  The official also claim that at least six Tibetan protesters have been shot dead in the past week in China, while Beijing claims only one "rioter" was killed.
CCP Head of Tibet Sacks Three Officials for Their Leniency in Crackdown
Chen Quanguo fired three of his officials for leaving their posts during the Lunar New Year celebrations.  Chen also stated that increased pressure was needed on Tibetan separatists led by the exiled Dalai Lama, whom both Chen and Beijing have blamed for the recent string of self-immolations and protests in Tibetan areas of China.
China Keeping a Tight Lid on Foreign Journalists Visiting Tibetan Areas
As tension mounts between Tibetans and the central Chinese government, Beijing is keeping a close watch on foreign journalists entering Tibetan-populated areas of China.  Many Tibetans are so terrified of the Chinese authorities that they refuse to speak to journalists for fear of grim reprisals.
Tibetan Author Denied Dutch Award by Beijing
Poet and blogger Woeser was held under house arrest by police in order to keep her from attending an award ceremony held in her honor at the Dutch embassy in Beijing.  In the past Woeser has written critically about the Chinese government’s actions in Tibet, which has gotten her blog banned in China.
Beijing’s Leading Bureaucrat in Tibet Orders Clamp-Down on the Internet and Mobile Phones
Chen Quanguo’s command will most likely lead to greater monitoring and censoring of phone and internet communications in the restive region.  The move is yet another attempt by the government to tamp down opposition to Chinese rule over Tibet and resentment over the treatment of Tibetans by the central government.
A Third Tibetan Teenager in as Many Days Self-Immolates
Identified only as Dorje, the 18-year-old was protesting Chinese oppression in Tibet.  This brings the total of self-immolations by protesting Tibetans to over two dozen in the past year.
Beijing Dismisses Tibetan Self-Immolators as Criminals, Blames Dalai Lama
On Wednesday China referred to the protesting Tibetans as "outcasts, criminals and mentally ill people" who are being controlled by the Dalai Lama.  The protests are a source of embarrassment for Chinese officials, but the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader has repeatedly discouraged the practice. 
Another Tibetan Self-Immolation Sparks Large Anti-Beijing Protests
In western China Jamyang Palden set himself ablaze on Wednesday.  According to Free Tibet of London, about 500 Tibetans took to the streets to protest in Qinghai province.
Tibetan Informants Threatened with Torture by Beijing
According to French-based Reporters Without Borders, the Chinese central government has authorized police to post notices that threaten "beating" and "torture" for informants.  The media rights advocacy group expressed its outrage at the attempt to instill terror in citizens of Tibetan descent, which is in direct violation of the International Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.
Toll of Self-immolations Now at 33 as Tibetan Anger Simmers
Tibetans, facing attacks on their culture, their language, and their way of life, feel powerless against the pressure of the Chinese central government.  To many Tibetans the self-immolation protesters are seen as heroes in a cause with few outlets to make their voices heard. 
According to Dalai Lama, Beijing's Oppression of Tibetans Stems from Fear
The Buddhist spiritual leader says that China worries what would happen if they gave the Tibetan people more freedom.  He goes on to call the recent string of Tibetan self-immolations sad, but goes on to state that they are the result of decades of oppression by the Chinese government.
More Tibetan Self-Immolations, according to Rights Group

According to the group Free Tibet the two Tibetans, Sonam and Choephak Kyap, self-immolated in the Tibet Autonomous Region in a town called Barma.  They are being treated at a local hospital and are in critical condition.

US 2011 Human Rights Report on China Critical of Rights Violations
The report was particularly critical in China’s treatment of the Tibetan people: “There was severe repression of the freedom of speech, religion, association, and  movement (in Tibet).  Authorities continued to commit serious human rights abuses, including extrajudicial killings, torture, arbitrary arrests, extrajudicial detentions, and house arrests.”
Two Tibetans Self-Immolate Outside Prominent Lhasa Holy Site
The young men set themselves on fire outside of Jokhang Temple, the preeminent holy sight in the Tibetan capital city.  Self-immolation by Tibetans has been on the rise over the past year as Beijing continues to repress basic human rights in Tibetan areas.
Lhasa Sees Clampdown following Recent Self-immolations
Numerous arrests were made immediately after the incident, and though many witnesses photographed the protest, no images have gotten out because the government severed all communications links to the outside world.  The protest came during an important holiday to Tibetan Buddhists, who have been prohibited from participating in religious activities by the central government.
Hundreds Arrested in Lhasa following Immolations
Approximately 600 Tibetans have been arrested by Chinese authorities and many outsiders have been expelled from the Tibet Autonomous Region as security forces locked down the capital.  The crackdown follows the self-immolation of two Tibetans in Lhasa earlier this week.
After 10 Years of Discussions with Beijing, Dalai Lama’s Emissaries Resign
Despite 9 rounds of talks over a 10 year period, the envoys have given up due to a frustrating lack of progress with China.  The situation worsened beginning with the wide-spread protests in Tibetan regions in 2008.
Tibet Closed to Foreign Tourists
Travel agents in China are saying that Beijing is not allowing any overseas tourists to visit the troubled region.  No reason was given by the central government, although Tibetan regions have seen 37 self-immolations in protest of harsh Chinese rule.
Tibetan Woman Self-Immolates to Protest Land Seizure
The rights group Free Tibet says that Dekyi Choezom was protesting being evicted due to government land grabs.  Her family, along with 70 other families, were pushed off to make room for new government offices in Qinghai province.
Tibetan Teenager Self-immolates in Sichuan Province
18-year-old Tibetan Buddhist monk Lobzin set himself ablaze in protest of harsh Chinese rule of his homeland.  He is the 42nd Tibetan to have self-immolated in protest since March of 2011.  
Two More Self-immolations in Tibetan Areas

In a Tibetan area of China, 26 year old Dolkar Kyi set herself on fire at a monastery.  On Monday a Tibetan monk also self-immolated, bringing the total to nearly 50 the number of this type of suicide protesting Chinese rule since 2009.

Leader of Tibetan Government-in-Exile Seeks Talks with Beijing
Lobsang Sangay says that his government remains dedicated to dialogue with China regarding the future of Tibet.  Sangay took over the leadership reigns from the Dalai Lama one year ago, though the Nobel laureate remains Tibet’s spiritual leader.
Police Beat Tibetan Man to Death after Self-immolations
Monday in the Aba prefecture of Sichuan, the two men who set themselves alight were taken away by police who then attempted to clear the area.  A clash between police and Tibetans then broke out, with witnesses reporting that batons spiked with nails were used on protesters.
Letter to Secretary Clinton on Stronger Coordinated Diplomacy on Tibet from Reps. Jim McGovern & Frank Wolf
Reps. Jim McGovern and Frank Wolf write to Secretary Clinton urging her to undertake stronger, more coordinated, visible international diplomatic steps with regards to the People’s Republic of China’s policies and practices towards Tibetans
Second Self-immolating Protester in Sichuan Dies
The second protester who on Monday set himself alight died in hospital.  Initially surviving the incident in which both men were protesting harsh Chinese rule of Tibet, his family was later notified by authorities of his passing.
Protesters in Tibet Fired upon by Chinese Law Enforcement, Killing 1
Using tear gas and live ammunition, police fired upon a crowd estimated to be about 1,000 Tibetans, who were protesting the building of a power plant.  Locals feared the environmental impact of the plant.  One Tibetan was killed and six others were also detained.
Tibetan Teens Die in Self-immolation Protest
Once again ethnic Tibetans have resorted to setting themselves alight in protest of oppressive Chinese rule of Tibet.  The two teenagers, Lobsang Kalsang and Damchoek, died in hospital later that day.
Missing Tibetan Monk Located in Chinese Jail 7 Months after Taken by Police
The monk, Shonu, was found incarcerated with an 18-month sentence after his whereabouts were otherwise unknown since his first being taken away.  Four other monks were disappeared at the same time, and their whereabouts and sentences are still unknown.
Human Rights Watch Calls on World Governments to Push China on Tibetan Reform
The renowned human rights group is asking concerned nations to form a contact group on Tibet so that Beijing can be pushed to improve its appalling treatment of Tibetans.  Human Rights Watch would like to see discussion of the group’s formation at the upcoming UN General Assembly next week.
Concerned over rash of self-immolations, Tibetan exiles meet in India
In addition to discussion of the self-immolation issue, attendees also discussed new ways to promote the plight of the Tibetan people.  The parliament-in-exile says that 51 ethnic Tibetans have set themselves on fire in protest of China’s repressive governance.
Tibetan leader: China has turned Tibet into a prison camp
Penpa Tsering, in a speech opening a meeting of Tibet’s government-in-exile, says that a condition of “undeclared martial law continues to remain in force in Tibet."  Tsering went on to say that the rash of self-immolations by ethnic Tibetans reflects the hopelessness many Tibetans feel by the situation.
Exiled Tibetan leadership calls for end to self-immolations; seek world's support
The leaders urged their ethnic brethren to stop the practice, which is done in protest to China's harsh rule of the Tibetan homeland.  They pledged to instead seek greater support from the world community over China's persecution of their people and culture.
Tibetan Blogger Self-Immolates, Leaves Posts Behind
Sources tell VOA's Tibetan Service a 43-year-old poet and blogger named Gudrup engulfed himself in flames Thursday in Dreru, Tibet - part of the area China has designated the Tibet Autonomous Region.
Tibetan PM-in-Exile 'Ready to Engage' in China Talks
"We are ready to engage in dialogue with the Chinese government anytime, anywhere, this is where we stand. But 'till the leadership transition, we will not see the clear sign or indication as to how they want to approach Tibet,'' he said.
Tibetan man dies in latest self-immolation protest
A Tibetan man has died after setting himself on fire to protest Beijing rule over the Himalayan region, a rights group said, the latest in a line of dozens of Tibetans to use self-immolation as a form of dissent.
Tibetan Self-Immolates in Protest Against Chinese Rule
He is believed to be the grandfather of the seventh Gungthang Rinpoche, one of the most revered religious leaders in Amdo Province in northeastern Tibet.
Tibetan Burns to Death in Protest Against China
A Tibetan man has burned to death after setting himself on fire to protest China's continued occupation of Tibet.
Rights groups says another Tibetan sets himself on fire to protest Chinese rule; tally near 60
The witness said Lhamo Kyeb attempted to stop them from extinguishing the fire, forcing them to back away, and then he walked toward the monastery and fell to the ground.
Tibetan Self-immolates at Labrang Monastery in NW China
Rights groups say a 61-year-old farmer named Dhondup set himself ablaze Monday near the remote Labrang Monastery in China's northwestern Gansu province.
Another Tibetan dies after setting himself on fire near monastery in western China
A Tibetan farmer has died after setting himself on fire in remote northwest China, in the second self-immolation death near the Labrang Monastery in two days and the latest of dozens of such anti-China protests by Tibetans.
New Wave of Tibetan Self-Immolations Hits China
The most recent self-immolation took place Friday night in Sankok township in Sangchu county, in China's northwestern Gansu province.  A photo obtained by VOA Tibetan shows 23-year-old Tsepak Kyap engulfed in flames near a bus stop.
2 Tibetan cousins set themselves on fire to protest Chinese rule, taking total this week to 7
Two Tibetan cousins set fire to themselves in their village to protest Chinese rule, bringing the total number of self-immolations this week to seven, the highest since the protests began last year, a rights group said Saturday.
As China Readies for Transition, 7 Tibetan Self-Immolations in 7 Days
Last week, seven Tibetans set themselves on fire in as many days, bringing the total of self-immolations on the troubled high plateau to more than 60 people since March 2011, according to Tibetan exile groups.
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