Ai Weiwei
Ai Weiwei
Ai Weiwei is a Chinese contemporary artist, active in sculpture, installation, architecture, curating, photography, film, and social, political and cultural criticism. Ai collaborated with Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron as the artistic consultant on the Beijing National Stadium for the 2008 Olympics. As a political activist, he has been highly and openly critical of the Chinese Government's stance on democracy and human rights.
Exhibit by Chinese Artist Focuses on His Absence
Renowned Chinese political dissident and artist Ai Weiwei opens exhibit in Taiwan despite being personally restricted to Beijing at the time of the exhibit.  Ai was detained in a governmental crackdown on dissidents back in April on the pretext of tax evasion.
Ai Weiwei Hit with $2.4 Million Tax Bill, But Supporters Continue to Donate in Support

The well known artist and dissident was given 15 days to pay up.  So far more than 20,000 supporters have donated.

Wife of Chinese Dissident Ai Weiwei Questioned

Lu Qing was detained by police in Beijing for over three hours on Tuesday.  Listing her as a “suspect” on a police form, officers questioned her on both personal as well as business affairs.


Beijing Appears to Grant Greater Rights to Detainees
Thursday human rights activists seemed to achieve a small victory as China’s parliament moved to protect detainees by prohibiting police from “disappearing” people without their families knowing their whereabouts.  However, prominent activist Ai Weiwei, himself detained last year for 81 days, pointed out that Chinese police rarely stick to the letter of the law in such detentions.  
Ai Weiwei Ordered to Take Down His Website
The renowned artist and dissident was ordered by the Chinese authorities to shut down his website showing streaming video of himself via four surveillance cameras.  Ai said that the government already had numerous cameras spying on him, but that they apparently didn’t want him aiding them in doing so.
Ai Weiwei to Sue Beijing Tax Authorities
The renowned artist and dissident is suing because the tax office did not allow him to view evidence and speak to witnesses.  Ai was held for 81 days last year and he believes it's all part of the central government's attempt to silence him.
Artist and Dissident Ai Weiwei Says China Silences Dissenting Voices
In a YouTube video posted Monday, the renowned dissident criticized China's leaders for lacking vision and quieting critics.  He went on to say that they are only interested in the status quo, which allows them special priveledge and wealth not available to the common citizen.
Ai Weiwei Warned by Police to Miss Court Date
The well-known dissident and artist says he is being harassed by the police, with a few dozen police cars outside his residence at one point.  His assistant, Liu Xiaoyuan, was injured while attempting to take pictures of the police and was later taken in to custody.
Though Some Restrictions Lifted, Ai Weiwei Still Cannot Leave China
A year ago officials placed severe restrictions on Ai's travel, both domestic and international, upon his release from detention.  Ai is still not permitted to travel abroad, however.      
Beijing Court Rejects Ai Weiwei Lawsuit
The renowned artist and dissident filed the suit in protest of a $2 million-plus fine that the government imposed on his company.  The fine is nominally for tax evasion, but Ai claims it is part of the government's efforts to silence him.
Ai Weiwei pushes back on tax fraud charges
The Chinese artist and dissident vows to continue the fight against what he says are fraudulent charges designed to silence him.  The government is accusing his company of evading $2.4 million dollars in taxes, and while the cost of fighting the charges is high, Ai says it is important to society that he fights on.
Chinese court upholds $2.4 million fine against Ai Weiwei
A Chinese court ruled that artist and dissident Ai Weiwei will have to pay a $2.4 million tax evasion fine. Many view the fine as a way of silencing Ai's criticisms of the government.
Ai Weiwei firm to be closed down by Chinese authorities
Chinese authorities are closing down the firm handling Ai Weiwei's affairs, the outspoken artist said on Monday, possibly saving him from paying the remainder of a 15m yuan (£1.5m) tax fine.
China piles more pressure on dissident artist Ai Weiwei
China's most famous political dissident, Ai Weiwei, said on Tuesday authorities have revoked the business license of the company that produces his art in what he maintains is a trumped up case for criticizing the government.
Chinese dissident artist Ai launches first big U.S. show
China's most famous political dissident, Ai Weiwei, launches his first major U.S. art exhibition on Sunday with some unflinchingly political works, including an image of his brain bleeding from a police beating.
Artist Ai Weiwei misses latest exhibit in Norway
Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is among 10 contemporary Chinese artists whose works are now on exhibit in Bergen, but Ai couldn’t be there for the opening last weekend. Chinese authorities have confiscated his passport over an alleged tax violation by the artist, who long has been critical of them.
Ai Weiwei: “If someone is not free, I am not free”
The Chinese authorities have tried to erase Ai Weiwei’s identity from the internet. In revenge, he has made himself into an icon of subversion.
Taking on the Great Firewall of China
This week we are producing a digital version of the New Statesman in Mandarin, to evade China's internet censors. 
To move on from oppression, China must recognise itself
Right now, in China, we are living in conditions that no other generation has ever experienced – of great economic growth and expansion, but also great oppression of freedom of speech and human rights.
Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei goes 'Gangnam Style,' with handcuffs, poke at censors
Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei is the latest to go "Gangnam Style" — but in a trademark act of irreverence, he's thrown in a pair of handcuffs and a poke at Chinese censors.
Chinese artist Ai Weiwei starts repaying money loaned by supporters after losing legal fight
Dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei said Wednesday that he has started returning money to his supporters after exhausting all legal channels to fight a massive tax bill that his backers saw as punishment for his activism.
Elton John Dedicates Beijing Show to Dissident
Pop icon Elton John publicly dedicated his only concert in Beijing to Chinese artist and political critic Ai Weiwei, sending a murmur of shock through an audience accustomed to tight censorship of entertainment.
China Imposes New Ban on Ai Weiwei
Ai Weiwei, the artist known for his provocative challenges to China’s police state, told NPR today that he’s been banned from leaving the country.
Art, China and Censorship According to Ai Weiwei
The Internet is such a beautiful miracle for the society here, like China, because we are still living under a very restricted dictatorship. You know, we are still dealing with a very restricted control on freedom of expression.
Oscar Shortlisting For Alison Klayman‘s Documentary On Ai Weiwei opens New Frontiers
Friends and associates greeted the news with a mixture of excitement and disbelief—a long-term project with such modest beginnings had taken one step toward the pinnacle of Hollywood accolades. Shortly after getting the news, Klayman got in touch with Ai Weiwei by phone
At Hirshhorn Exhibit, Ai Weiwei's Art Raises Questions That Many Are Asking in Wake of Newtown Massacre
One of the roles of an artist is to hold a mirror up to society so we can see who we really are and not who we pretend to be. Ai Weiwei is a Chinese contemporary artist best known for his social, political and cultural criticism. His art condemns a political system that values the wealthy and powerful at the expense of the weak and defenseless. He uses his platform as an international figure to reveal the deep corruption of the Chinese government and its effects on human rights.
China's artist Ai Weiwei to release heavy metal album
Dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has announced plans to release a debut album influenced by heavy metal music. The recording will have nine tracks, some of which the artist describes as "more punkish" and some as "more pop".
Expression on Trial in Play of Ai Weiwei's Arrest
Such a breaking of boundaries has come to define Ai. The sculptor, photographer and installation artist is famed for filling London's Tate Modern with porcelain seeds and as a consultant on China's National "Bird's Nest" Stadium.
Ai Weiwei rages against state abuses in song, Dumbass
The track, given the English-language title Dumbass, reconstructs his 81-day detention in 2011, including what he says is an exact model of his cell.
With Flowers, Ai Weiwei Protests His Loss of Freedom
The flowers have provided a burst of color against the gray Beijing sky, and Mr. Ai’s quirky form of protest is being talked about, with amusement, by other artists living and working nearby in the arts district not far from Beijing’s international airport.
Ai Weiwei vase worth $1m broken in local artist protest
Mr Ai - who was detained in 2011 by China during a crackdown on dissent, and whose relationship with the Chinese authorities remains deeply antagonistic - pointed out that his own work is never shown in China.
Ai Weiwei supporters pressure Berlin for passport's return
The Chinese government retained Ai's passport after his release but has not brought any charges against him, said Berlin-based lawyer Peter Raue, who visited Ai in Beijing last month.
Ai Weiwei’s fake ‘leg-guns’ become Chinese Internet meme
The first leg-gun pose was posted five days ago by China’s famously irascible dissident artist Ai Weiwei, who struck the pose in his underwear, a straw hat and little else.
Ai Weiwei’s Songs of Freedom on Alcatraz
Birds reappear as we enter the press preview of @Large: AiWeiwei on Alcatraz (pronounced “At Large”), an exhibition of seven new installations in which freedom is a central theme. The birds are actually paper kites, suspended mid-flight and bathed in surreal colors. They’re paired with a large dragon kite that winds through the rusted ceiling pipes of the long industrial room that was once used for prison labor.
Joan Baez and Ai Weiwei to receive top Award from Amnesty International
“The Ambassador of Conscience Award is a celebration of those unique individuals who have used their talents to inspire many, many others to take injustice personally. That is why both Joan Baez and Ai Weiwei make such worthy recipients; they are an inspiration to thousands more human rights activists, from across Asia to America and beyond,” said Salil Shetty, Secretary General of Amnesty International.
Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and singer Joan Baez get Amnesty's top rights award
The Ambassador of Conscience Award recognizes "those who have shown exceptional leadership in the fight for human rights, through their life and work", Amnesty said in a statement on Tuesday.
Joan Baez and Ai Weiwei receive 2015 Amnesty International Ambassador of Conscience Award
“Artists have supported Amnesty International since the organization’s very beginnings. Who better to receive this Award today than Joan Baez and Ai Weiwei -- two brilliant individuals, who also know what it means to risk punishment for their convictions,” said Selmin Çalýþkan, Secretary General of Amnesty International in Germany. 
Ai Weiwei Trades Politics for Subtlety in First Solo Exhibition in China
On Saturday afternoon, tourists, fans, and family and friends of the artist flocked to the opening of Mr. Ai’s first-ever solo exhibition in China to see the show and, more important for many, to catch a glimpse of the famous rebel artist himself. Dressed in a green short-sleeve shirt, khaki shorts and navy canvas shoes, Mr. Ai appeared to be in good spirits as he fielded an unending stream of requests for photographs, selfies and autographs. When asked how it felt finally to be able to attend an opening for one of his exhibitions, the typically outspoken artist had only a few words to say.
Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei Gets Confiscated Passport Back
Asked if Ai could be barred from overseas travel amid a relentless government crackdown on dissenters and rights defenders, Gao said she saw no reason why the government would not let him travel.
UK denies Ai Weiwei full business visa based on disputed 'criminal' history
Having confiscated Ai’s passport in 2011, Chinese authorities finally returned the document last week, allowing him to leave the country for the first time in more than four years. On Thursday he boarded a plane from Beijing to Germany after obtaining a short-term Schengen visa that allows him to enter 26 European countries but not Britain.
British Official Intervenes, Gives Chinese Artist Full Visa
Ai, who is currently in Germany visiting his son, had applied for the visa to attend the installation and opening of his art exhibit at the Royal Academy of Arts in September.
Teasing Out Ai Weiwei’s Endgame, After China Lifts a Travel Ban
For one thing, Mr. Ai doesn’t want exile, he told the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper in Germany, shortly after the Chinese authorities lifted the ban on his travel, and four years after he was first detained over his outspoken criticism of China’s human rights record. ‘‘They also promised me I could return, which was very important to me,’’ he told the paper.
Artist Ai Weiwei: China at 'Critical Point'
Speaking to Reuters at his atelier in the basement of a former brewery in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg district, Ai was more outspoken about China's one-party system than he has been in a series of interviews with German media in recent weeks.
‘I Try to Talk Less’: A Conversation with Ai Weiwei and Liao Yiwu
Ai is now working out of his atelier, a series of converted underground storerooms in a former brewery, in the gentrified district of Prenzlauer Berg, next to the studio of star artist, collaborator, and friend Olafur Eliasson; on September 19, a major show of Ai’s work will open at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.
Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei set for huge London retrospective
Among the works on display are security surveillance cameras, a pushchair and giant blades of grass, all carved out of marble, and a massive rolled-out map of China made of wood salvaged from dismantled temples.
Ai Weiwei finds 'listening devices' hidden in Beijing studio
In a series of Instagram and Twitter posts on Sunday, the pop artist and free-speech activist shared pictures and video of at least one device he said he found behind an electrical socket.
Artist Ai Weiwei hits out over Lego 'censorship'
Ai used Lego last year to create portraits of 175 dissident figures who had been jailed or exiled, from Nelson Mandela to Edward Snowden, on the site of the former Alcatraz prison near San Francisco.
Artist Ai Weiwei to set up Lego collection points
Ai used Lego last year to create portraits of 175 dissident figures who had been jailed or exiled, from Nelson Mandela to Edward Snowden, on the site of the former Alcatraz prison near San Francisco.
Australia gallery collects Lego for Ai Weiwei
The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) wants Australians to donate the toy bricks by pouring them through the sunroof of a car parked at the gallery.
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