Chen Guangchen
Chen Guangchen

Chen Guangcheng  is a Chinese civil rights activist who worked on human rights issues in rural areas of the People's Republic of China. Blind from an early age and self-taught in the law, Chen is frequently described as a "barefoot lawyer" who advocates for women's rights, land rights, and the welfare of the poor. He is best known for exposing alleged abuses in official family-planning practices, often involving claims of violence and forced abortions.

Star of “Batman” Films Christian Bale Assaulted and Chased Away Trying to Visit Dissident in China

Chen Guangcheng, a blind self-taught lawyer, is under house arrest along with his family.  Bale, who recently learned about Chen’s plight while making a film in China dealing with the Nanjing Massacre, was attempting to visit Chen at his home.

Chinese Dissident Escapes House Arrest
Chen Guangcheng, renowned blind human rights lawyer, escaped from house arrest and is currently seeking refuge at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.  Chen rose to prominence in the late 1990's by defending victims of forced abortions.  His wife, daughter, and mother are still being held.
Obama Administration in Rush to Contain Chen Crisis
Today the White House sent a top diplomat to Beijing for dialogue regarding escaped activist Chen Guangcheng.  Chinese leadership was to meet today to discuss their game plan for the imminent arrival of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
Embarrassed by Chen Scandal, Beijing Clamps Down on Activists and Media
Following Chen’s daring escape and subsequent taunting of the Chinese government, Beijing has tightened its grip on dissenting voices.  Three activists are being held by police and authorities are also blocking certain Chen-related terms on microblogging services.
List of Terms Related to Escaped Activist Chen Blocked By Chinese Censors
The list reveals the great degree to which Beijing is striving to censor the internet within its borders, as well as how creative the Chinese people can be at eluding such attempts.
Forced Abortions and Sterilizations Continue in China, According to Activists
The recent escape of Chen Guangcheng, renowned for his legal defense of women forced into abortion and sterilization by Chinese authorities, has brought attention back on to the plight he fought so hard for.  There are around 13 million abortions performed annually in China, and often female fetuses are the target due to the preference in traditional Chinese culture for male heirs.
Press Statement on Chen Guangcheng from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
The brief release voices the US governments pleasure over Chen leaving the US Embassy on his terms and being reunited with his family.  It goes on to say that Chen will be able to pursue his education in a safe environment.
Chen to Remain in China, Beijing Bristles at US “Meddling”
The blind activist who escaped house arrest and fled to the US Embassy in Beijing has been allowed to leave peacefully for hospital treatment, pursue higher learning, and be reunited with his family.  The Chinese Foreign Ministry made gestures of being outraged by US interference, and for now Washington says it will closely monitor how Chen is treated.
Chen Now Asking to Move to US with His Family
Shortly after leaving the US Embassy Chen started rethinking his decision to remain in China.  He and his wife now say that they fear for their lives and no longer feel safe living in their native country.
Beijing Agrees to Let Chen and Family Travel to US and Accept University Fellowship
In a surprising turn of events, Chen Guangcheng has been granted the opportunity to move his family to the US as a student.  However, Chen would have to return to his home village to secure a passport, a place where he was detained and beaten for over 18 months.
Associates of Chen Still Being Persecuted
Within days after a group of Chen Guangcheng's friends and supporters met in Beijing to discuss his situation, the central government started detaining human rights supporters.  Many were "disappeared" for months at a time, and one, Jiang Tianyong, was beaten so badly he lost hearing in one ear.
Beijing Promises to Investigate the Reported Abuse of Chen Guangcheng and Family
According to Chen he was visited in hospital by an official from the central government's State Bureau of Letters and Calls who promised to look in to the claims of abuse.  Chen is cautiously optimistic, however, as hundreds of thousands of abuse cases are reported to the Bureau each year.
Chinese Citizens Don't Trust Their Own Government with Chen's Security
In the immediate aftermath of Chen Guangcheng's escape, the internet was abuzz with excitement over the activist outwitting the authorities ultimately under the head of internal security, Zhou Yongkang.  However, after seeing Chen's fate hang in the balance after leaving the US Embassy in Beijing, many Chinese would like to see the US take a greater role in oversight of Chen and other activists in China.
Reprisals on Activist’s Family Are Out of Control, Says Chen

The blind activist is accusing local officials of holding some of his relatives and harassing several others out of spite toward him.  He went on to say that it was difficult to communicate with many family members back home in Shandong province since police had confiscated their phones.

Chen and Family on Flight to the U.S.
Renowned blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng boarded a flight on Saturday with his family, bound for Newark, New Jersey. Chen will be attending law school at New York University on a fellowship.  Chen remains concerned about his extended family left behind, however.
Brother of Chen Guangcheng Flees Home to Seek Protection for Son
Chen Guangcheng’s brother, Chen Guangfu, is seeking legal advice in Beijing in an effort to protect his son from retribution by local authorities.  The son, Chen Kegui, is being held on charges of attempted murder after defending himself with a knife in his home.
Chen Guangcheng Speaks Out about China and its Lack of the Rule of Law
In the op-ed piece, Chen states that he is not seeking asylum and would like see Beijing keep its word and conduct a thorough and open investigation into his family’s illegal detention and persecution over the years.  Chen points out that China does not lack laws, but rather the rule of law, and that this will be a critical issue moving forward for the authoritarian regime.
Blind Dissident Calls out Beijing to Investigate His Case as Promised
Having left China a month ago, Chen Guangcheng is still waiting for the Chinese government to investigate the officials who held he and his wife for years without due process.  Chen also threatened to severely embarrass Beijing by revealing details of the brutal treatment he and his wife endured if they did not follow through with their promise.
Activist Chen: Americans Are Unaware of the Extent of China’s Human Rights Violations
Chen says that although many Americans hear about some of the more famous cases of human rights abuse, these cases only scratch the surface of the number of violations.  He goes on to say that the central government is terrified of rural unrest and organization because of the sheer number of the dissatisfied in their ranks. 
Chen Guangcheng Plans on Returning to China Eventually
Although only being in the U.S. for two months, the blind activist says that his return to his homeland is "inevitable."  Chen did not give a specific timeline for his return, however.
Chinese Activist Chen Guangcheng Meets with US Congress Members

The blind human rights activist met with the lawmakers in a closed door bi-partisan meeting. Immediately prior to the meeting Chen spoke to the media to express his concern for his nephew, who Chen says was arrested and continues to be held to punish Chen.
Chen Guangcheng Likely to Visit Taiwan despite Inevitable Outrage from Beijing
The blind rights activist, who not long ago made a dramatic escape from captivity in China to freedom in the US, says that he “most likely” will accept the Taiwanese legislature’s invitation to come and address their parliamentary body.  Chen points out that as a free citizen he should have the right to visit any country he chooses.
Chinese Activist Wants Apple to Use Influence to Oppose One-Child Policy
Renowned activist Chen Guangcheng is urging the company to use its clout, which he says is a social responsibility.  Many devices that Apple sells worldwide are produced in plants in China, and some of those plants have come under fire for worker abuses.
Chen Kegui Must Have Access to his Lawyer
Chen Kegui is the nephew of blind “barefoot lawyer” and dissident Chen Guangcheng who left China earlier this year for the United States after fleeing illegal house arrest. 
Blind Chinese activist's brother sues police for barging into home
The eldest brother of blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng said on Wednesday he is suing the police and the local government that oversees his village in northeastern China for barging into his house unlawfully after his brother's escape.
Human Rights First Event to Honor Chinese Lawyer and Activist Chen Guangcheng, SHOWTIME? Series “Homeland”
Human Rights First will honor Chinese “barefoot” lawyer and activist Chen Guangcheng and the Emmy® and Golden Globe® award-winning SHOWTIME® series Homeland during its annual Human Rights First Awards Dinner in New York City.
XIAO GUOZHEN:Silencing a Voice for Justice
But in my career, I’ve encountered few cases as maddening as that of Song Ze. His work was purely an act of humanitarianism, but a risky one — a risk that had to be taken in today’s China.
China court rejects lawsuit filed by blind activist's brother against local police, government
The brother of Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng says a court has rejected a lawsuit he filed against local officials for raiding his house after Chen's dramatic escape from brutal house arrest.
Chen Guangcheng: Rebel of the Year 2012
On May 19, Chen Guangcheng landed at Newark Liberty International Airport on United Airlines Flight 88 from Beijing. He was met at the airport by Jerome Cohen, an old friend and co-director of the U.S.-Asia Law Institute at NYU, who arranged for Chen's arrival in New York.
Chen Guangcheng: Nephew Chen Kegui sentenced
The nephew of blind activist Chen Guangcheng has been sentenced by a court in China to more than three years in jail for assaulting local officials who were looking for his uncle.
Chinese legal activist Chen Guangcheng appeals to new Communist Party leader for reforms
Chinese legal activist Chen Guangcheng is appealing to the newly named head of the ruling Communist Party to carry out political reforms to avoid violence.
Blind Chinese Legal Activist Chen Guangcheng to Xi Jinping: Reform Now or Risk Violent Transition (Video)
Blind Chinese legal activist Chen Guangcheng, in a videotaped address to mark Human Rights Day, warns China's new leader Xi Jinping that whether the nation goes through a peaceful or violent transition depends on whether he starts taking steps to defend human rights and uphold the rule of law. 
Blind activist Chen Guangcheng appeals to China's Xi Jinping
US-based blind Chinese activist, Chen Guangcheng, has urged the new leader of China's Communist Party to institute reforms and uphold human rights.
Lawyer for Chinese activist's nephew says lawyers can't visit him to get approval for appeal
A lawyer for the imprisoned nephew of Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng says his legal team will likely miss Thursday's deadline to file an appeal because authorities have denied their requests to meet with him.
Blind dissident urges global pressure on China over rights
Chen is a self-taught legal advocate whose escape from house arrest last April and subsequent refuge in the U.S. Embassy embarrassed China and led to a diplomatic tussle that ended with him leaving China to study in New York.
Chinese Dissident Calls on US to Pressure Beijing
In an exclusive television interview with VOA Mandarin, the 41-year-old legal activist said the U.S., as the global human rights leader, commands substantial leverage over China because "its economy is not really as powerful as it is made out to be."
Chen’s Nephew ‘Tortured’ in Detention
Chen Guangcheng said that his brother, Chen Guangfu, had met with his son in detention in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong recently and learned that he had suffered physical abuse from authorities.
Chinese activist Lu Haitao now in US: State Dept
Paramilitary guards paint a demarcation line outside the US embassy in Beijing on April 28, 2012. Chinese writer and blogger Lu Haitao is now in the United States, a top US official said Thursday, refusing to confirm whether he has been given asylum.
Chinese Activist, Now in U.S., Cites Harassment of Family
asked to go to the United States, prompting testy negotiations between Chinese and American officials that resulted in his departure to New York in May, accompanied by his wife and two children.
Chinese Authorities Harass Chen Kegui’s Toddler Son
The official, he said, was from the office in charge of birth control policies, the abuses of which Chen had campaigned vehemently against as part of his human rights activism in China.
Chen Family in China Targeted Ahead of Escape Anniversary
He said government-sponsored thugs had hung dead chickens and ducks in his family's private courtyard on the night of April 18, and put up posters defaming and threatening him and his family around the village.
China Urged to Grant Adequate Medical Treatment to Chen Kegui
In a letter, U.S.-based Freedom Now, which monitors the rights of political prisoners, called on the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan Mendez to appeal to Beijing for the immediate transfer of Chen Kegui from his cell in Linyi Prison to a hospital for treatment.
China Accused of Denying Care to Dissident’s Imprisoned Nephew
Family members say the nephew, Chen Kegui, 34, has acute appendicitis, but prison officials are refusing to send him to a hospital for treatment. “We’re very worried for his survival,” his father, Chen Guanfu, said on Thursday, speaking from the prison in Shandong Province where his son is being held.
Chinese dissident urges U.S. to ensure family's fair treatment
Chen, who made international headlines last year when he escaped house arrest and spent 20 hours on the run before finding refuge at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, said his nephew was suffering from appendicitis and being treated only by a fellow inmate who had received some medical training.
Relatives of Chinese activist who has settled in US see harassment as Chen plans Taiwan visit
The brother, Chen Guangfu, says he was beaten up by two unidentified men Thursday when he visited a relative in Shandong province.
Chen Guangcheng issues plea for relatives in China
China's authorities do not usually comment on the case of Mr Chen and his relatives. In the past they have denied allegations of mistreatment and even that he was under house arrest.
China grants dissident's brother passport ahead of Xi-Obama meet
Family members have been harassed, and at times beaten, by unidentified men since Chen dramatically escaped house arrest last year and fled to the U.S. embassy in Beijing, before being allowed to go to New York to study.
Chinese dissident to leave New York University shortly
Chen, who was born blind and taught himself law, may head to Fordham University Law School, also in New York City, according to a Fordham spokesman who said negotiations were still underway.
China's Blind Activist to Leave New York University
NYU has been home to Chen, his wife and two children since they arrived in the U.S. on May 19, 2012.  The university has provided him with an office and a nearby apartment, according to a university spokesman and others familiar with Chen's circumstances.
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